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"Our Saviour is the restorer of the moral image of God in man. He has supplied in the natural world remedies for the ills of man, that His followers may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. We can with safety discard the concoctions which man has used in the past. The Lord has provided antidotes for disease in simple plants, and these can be used by faith, with no denial of faith; for by using the blessings provided by God for our benefit we are cooperating with Him. We can use water and sunshine and the herbs which He has caused to grow for healing maladies brought on by indiscretion or accident." E. G. White, 1899.

Blood/Lymph Cleansing Formula


  HemaTone Blood and Lymph Cleansing Formula is a very powerful formula and is used in conjunction with our cleansing and detoxification program. This formula is based upon the famous Hoxsey Formula and Dr. Christopher′s Red Clover Tonic. These herbs are well-known for scrubbing the accumulated toxins and poisons out of the body′s blood, lymph, fat and cells. When using this formula be sure to consume a gallon of water, juice and DeTox Herbal Tea each day. Red Clover and Chaparral are some of nature′s most powerful blood cleansers and anti-oxidants. They are known to break-up, destroy and dissolve all types of tumors.
     The herbs in this formula are strong in taste, and very effective detoxifiers.

Contra-indications: Do not use during pregnancy without the guidance of a health care professional.


   Garlic bulb (Allium sativum), Chaparral herb and flower, (Larrea californica), Burdock root, (Arctium lappa), Oregon Grape root, (Berberis aquifolium), Yellow dock root, (Rumex crispus), Wild Indigo root, (Babtisia tinctoria), Lobelia Herb and seed, (Lobelia inflata), Red Clover blossoms, (Trifolium pratense), Habanero Cayenne pepper (Capsicum annum). Extracted and preserved in 47.5% U.S.P grade grain alcohol. 1:2 Herbal Extract.


   The herbs in this formula are extremely strong in taste. Dilute in a few ounces of fresh juice, grape works the best. Take (2) droppersful (70-80 drops), 3-4 times daily until the contents 2 oz. is finished, (5-7 days). Drink 64-128 ounces of water, juice or herbal tea while taking this formula..

     *NOTE: The statements made regarding the benefits have not been evaluated by the FDA and, therefore, we make no claims or intensions of treating, curing, preventing or diagnosing any disease processes.

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