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God has caused to grow out of the ground herbs for the use of man, and if we understand the nature of these roots and herbs, and make a right use of them, there would not be a necessity of running for the doctor so frequently, and people would be in much better health than they are today. E. G. White, 1890.

Brain Boost
Circulation formula


  Although used for thousands of years, Ginkgo biloba is known worldwide for its ability to increase general circulation, especially brain circulation, and help with memory loss and associated diseases. Ginkgo has been proven effective for Depression and other emotional problems. Recent medical discoveries have proven that depression and many mental disorders are rooted in poor brain circulation. The cells of the brain are not nourished and their waste is not being removed, causing congestion, toxemia and poor brain function. Ginkgo has also been found helpful for hearing and eyesight problems, and has been proven effective for tinitis (ringing in the ears), vertigo (balance problems and dizziness), deafness and other inner ear problems. Ginkgo is also famous for increasing memory and has been used effectively for Alzheimer's Disease. Ginkgo is effective in the treatment of stroke, or to help prevent one.
  But most of today's commonly found capsules, tablets, pills and even liquid tinctures aren't strong enough to work, utilizing weak herbs and poor production techniques. But Brain Boost begins with the best organic Ginkgo leaf available. We then extract the bio-components and powerful alkaloids, finally pressing them into a potent whole herb tincture. We then add just the right amount of Habanero Cayenne pepper extract to the tincture to stimulate the circulation and speed the formula on its way.
  Cayenne is the best herb to stimulate circulation and makes this already powerful herb (Ginkgo Biloba) many times more effective.

Contra-indications: Do not use during pregnancy without the guidance of a health care professional.


   Organic Ginkgo leaf (Ginkgo biloba), Habanero Cayenne (Capsicum chinese) pepper. Extracted and preserved in 40% U.S.P. grade grain alcohol and distilled water.

DOSAGE: (NOTE: 35-40 drops equals one dropperful)

   Take (2) droppersful (70-80 drops), 3-4 times daily.

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"I don't understand why asking people to eat a well-balanced vegetarian diet is considered drastic, while it is medically conservative to cut people open and put them on powerful cholesterol-lowering drugs for the rest of their lives."
         -- Dean Ornish, M.D.

A balanced diet and regular physical activity are the building blocks of good health. Poor eating habits and too little physical activity can lead to overweight and related health problems. By eating right and being active, you can enjoy good health and remain active throughout your life. Whether you are trying to maintain good health, or trying to get well from cancer, you should take a look at your eating habits and try to improve them. Unfortunately, most people in the western world, including many so-called vegetarians, get little or no real nutrition. With the abundance of food available to us, this should not be the case. [LEARN MORE]