Journey of Discovery bicycle tour



   May 17 to August 23, 2006: Hi, I'm Ted Phelps. I want to share a few digitally captured moments of my cross-country trek by bicycle. It is silly to think for a moment that these one-dimensional images could begin to portray the actual experience of "doing" and "being". But, I want to share it with you, nonetheless. I hope you will be blessed in some small way as you journey with me from west to east across this vast and magnificent land.
   "Why would you want to do something like bicycle across America?" This question, usually accompanied by looks of curious amazement mixed with a tone asserting my utter insanity, was one of the most asked queries along my 4300 mile route winding from California east to Washington, D.C. I would usually respond with a calm "because I can!" This short answer would usually bring on a silent nod of the head as they simultaneously crossed their arms in a kind of defensive posture. I would proceed to explain that at 56 years of age many of my "baby-boomer" peers have already suffered at least one major medical "wake up call" by now and can no longer participate in physically demanding activities. Many are severely over-weight and are enduring the curse of the post-modern American way of life--that is, a sedentary lifestyle and a high-fat, low-nutrition diet. (My own father suffered multiple heart attacks and underwent a triple coronary artery bipass at age 55, and my grandmother died of a massive stroke at 53.) But God, in His infinite love and wisdom as Creator, has availed us priceless instruction for caring for this beautiful human machinery, and when followed, life can be enjoyed to its fullest for one's entire span of years.

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