Journey of Discovery bicycle tour



une 11: It was difficult leaving Zion Park--both because it is such a beautiful, inviting place, and because the climb out of Zion is extremely steep and winding. Another aspect of leaving the park through the east entrance is that you must travel thru a 1.1 mile unlighted and narrow tunnel that was completed in 1930. But bicycles aren't permitted, so you have to catch a ride with a truck or RV. After slowly climbing up to the tunnel, I waited at the side of the line looking for an appropriate ride thru the tunnel. After about 10 minutes just the right RV pulled up that I felt impresed might be able to assist me. It was at the front of the line waiting to be flagged through. I approached the driver with my dilema and he cheerfully agreed to take me and my heavily loaded bike aboard his beautiful bus-like RV. After introductions we continued conversing about the bike journey and the extreme beauty of Zion Park. Thanks to John and Amanda, from San Diego!

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