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June 7: A room with a view! The "Watchman", a huge monolith that oversees the activities of the southern entrance to the park, offers inspiration from the entrance of my tent.

For those who've never had the priviledge of visiting, much less hiking and exploring Zion NP, there is a surreal majesty and awe about this park. The giant monolith towering over and protecting the south park is called "The Watchman" of the walls of Zion. Other spectacular features of the canyon are named, "The Patriarchs--Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob", the "Great White Throne", the "Pulpit", and "Angels' Landing". There's a real sense of God's presense in this place. It's awesome being camped at the base of the Watchman. Whenever I look up from my tent, there he is, like a mighty sentinel guarding the walls of Zion. Just inspiring!

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