Journey of Discovery bicycle tour



August 23: As I approached the end of this truly amazing three-month journey, cycling the last 45-miles on the W & OD Regional Trail leading from Purcellville in northern Virginia into Washington, D.C., very conflicting emotions emerged. A great part of me didn't want the journey to end. I felt totally cleansed, very much in touch with God and man. Physically, I felt as if I had the strength and energy of a 25 year old! Yet, I felt humbled by my own smallness--that, indeed, my own character is in need of much continual refinement. As I neared the city late in the afternoon commuting cyclists heading home from their daily jobs, formed a parade-like procession of bikers behind me, while still others cheered as we passed by, taking note of my heavily laden bike and recognizing that a long distance trek was nearing its climax. It was so amazing! Chris, a bicycle commuter originally from the UK, went way out of his way to lead my procession to the Virginia side of the Memorial Bridge which crosses the Potomac River leading into Washington, D.C. It was a fitting conclusion to an amazing journey. Once again, the kindness of everyday people was demonstrated.

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