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June 5: Welcome to Utah! I had hoped to get water at the village of Modena, but there were mostly just abandoned buildings and no services. The next town was another 17 miles, Beryl Junction. I tried to ration, but, as it turned out, I ran out of water about 12 miles out. That was a long way in this heat. It was now 106F degrees. Turns out Beryl had no services either, except a tiny Mexican restaurant, which gladly filed my water bottles twice, and let me rest for a while. I had only riden 50 miles. I discovered at that time that I had miscalculated the distance to Snow Canyon. I chose to spend the night at the little town of Enterprise, Utah. In spite of the heat this is a beautiful agricultural valley surrounded by gorgeous mountains and forests. This isn't much of a town either, but it has a tiny RV park with some trees, so I've decided to call it quits for today at 61 miles. I'm told that I have 2 significant climbs ahead, so I've decided to climb those early tomorrow morning before the heat gets turned up. I can't say enough about how pretty this area is. Tomorrow I will also visit the Mormon massacre site where they slaughtered a group of non-mormon travelers and blamed it on the Indians. I'm anxious to learn about this incident led, I believe, by Brigham Young.

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