Journey of Discovery bicycle tour



June 14: The next morning as we cooked our breakfast and disassembled our make-shift camp, we contemplated the challenges and the beauty that would await us on this day's 70 mile ride. It would involve two major 4-5 mile 14% climbs, a magnificent section called the Hogback where the road drops off for1500' on both sides and features breath-taking vistas in every direction, and awesome, breath-taking, serpentine descents--and that was just the morning adgenda! For our afternoon pleasure we would climb over 4000' up awesome Boulder Mountain pass at 9600'. To say the least, this was the most challenging and amazing day since crossing the Sierra. Around every curve was a new presentation of God's creative power. We were all thoroughly amazed at the displays of majesty and beauty. Boulder Mt. transported us from the rugged and colorful rock formations that Southern Utah is noted for, into an Alpine paradise of conifers and Aspen, with 100 mile vistas off to the east. Truly spectacular A great view of the road below as it winds through the canyon, near Calf Creek Falls. It was hard to keep from smiling as I pedalled through this amazing region.

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