Journey of Discovery bicycle tour



May 21: Not quite in the Sierra Mountains, my campground of choice turned out to be full the previous night. The sun was on the way down, so I was heading over to a church yard when a local cycling enthusiast stopped his Jeep and asked if I needed a place to stay. So much for the church yard! Thanks Richard. The next morning was ushering in a cold weather pattern into the Sierra. The temperatures were in the 40s and the clouds and mist prevented the suns warm rays from penetrating. As I continued to climb the temps dropped even more and the mist turned into a freezing drizzle. I stopped at Cook's Station for refreshment. A bit later climbed past Ham's Station. At about 6500 feet I entered the National Forest. There was still a lot of evidence of winter's snow as the ground was soggy. I located a spot near a forest fire station and pitched my blue palace. Little did I know that the weather conditions would actually deteriorate even more, so I stayed put for a couple of days. Here's the view from the tent. The Sierra provided rain and sleet, cold temps, and eventually snow.

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