Journey of Discovery bicycle tour



June 11: After finally leaving Zion park and my kind tunnel transporters,I turned north on Hiway 89 and headed for Bryce Canyon, some 85 miles from Zion. The elevation at Zion was around 3700' and at Bryce it ranges from 8000' to over 9100', so I knew I would be climbing up hill a lot today. Long Valley Junction lies at the top of one long ascent at 7500' and is just about at the halfway point to Bryce. The heat and wind continued to let their presence be known. I was amazed at just how green and lush the valleys were below as the river thread its way thru with life-giving water. Turning east at Hiway 12 I cycled up thru colorful Red Canyon and the remaining 18 miles to Bryce Canyon National Park. It had been a long, but wonderfully fulfilling day. I can feel myself getting stronger pedaling this heavy load thru canyons and over summits everyday. Oh how wonderfully and marvelously we are made! This is a terrible picture (white balance again), but the Red Canyon bike path enroute to Bryce Canyon National Park was tremendous. The scenery was awesome!

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