Journey of Discovery bicycle tour



July 15: The hay fields of Eastern Kansas. Surprisingly, the terrain became a little more rolling in the southeastern corner of the state. Toronto Lake in Cross Timbers State Park provided the backdrop for one particularly suspenseful night. It was a particularly clear night near Toronto, Kansas. I climbed into the tent, tired from another 100-degree ride through the corn fields. Suddenly in the middle of the night I was awakened by fierce gusts of wind seeking to propel my tent and all of its contents airborne. Huge drops of rain, a few at first, gave way to a deluge as I braved the elements to, you guessed it, put the rain fly over the main tent. This was no easy task in the already fierce tempest. In no time powerful lightning bolts cracked and exploded to the ground, so near that every hair on my body stood on end. The rain was blowing sideways and the lightning bursts were dangerously close, so my riding companions and I fled our tents for the shelter of a restroom. This powerful storm lasted for several hours, and after a night spent in the restroom facilities, we made our way back to the camp site only to discover that a raccoon had sought refuge in Marie-Eve's tent, creating his own entrance. I was relieved to find that my tent and contents were amazingly still dry and fully intact.

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