Journey of Discovery bicycle tour



May 28: After leaving Fallon I met up with 3 other loaded cyclists from San Jose enroute to Denver. They are all retired. Rick, Jerry, and Dick are 48, 59, and 65 years old, and in great shape for the rigors of the trip. Meanwhile, we rode the rest of the way to Middlegate Station, where they spent the night in the motel and I camped underneath the Cottonwood trees for free. The ride to Middlegate was mostly uneventful, with 2 smallish passes to climb. The weather was still cool, but clear as a bell. At one point, however, riding along at about 15 mph, Rick and I suddenly noticed a huge Golden Eagle saunter out into the road about 20 yards out front. It didn't take long for him to notice that he was vulnerable, so he flapped his broad wings and landed on a nearby poll. What an amazing sight!

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