Journey of Discovery bicycle tour



June 4: A hike through Cathedral Gorge. In addition to the visual treat of the sandstone formations, the wild flowers often added an extra splash of color. The park's different soil types permit various plant associations to grow. The "badland" topography below the eroded escarpment does not permit many plants to take root since the clay is constantly eroding away. Small sand dunes are held in place by many kinds of wildflowers and grasses, like dune primroses and Indian rice grass. In the middle of the valley, clay, sand, and gravel have mixed to a loamy soil that is conducive to Narrowleaf Yucca, juniper trees, barberry sagebrush, greasewood, "white sage," shadscale, and four-winged saltbush. Rabbitbrush grows in disturbed areas such as road sides and walkways.

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