Journey of Discovery bicycle tour



June 13: Here I am with Arnoud and Marlise, (husband and wife), from Holland. About an hour after meeting my new Dutch companions at the top of a particularly brutal 4-mile 12% climb in the heat of the day, we spotted John, another cyclist, looking over the edge of the cliff as if contemplating the end of his journey. John couldn't negotiate the steep grade and had been forced to walk and push his heavy bike to the top. John, a physical education teacher from New Jersey, had flown out to San Francisco and was heading to Pueblo, Colorado. But he was mentally defeated, considering whether he would continue on. We encouraged him to join us and off we went down the back side of the hill. Meeting up with one another was just what we each needed. John, Arnoud, Marlise and I would ride together for the next 10-days, through Utah and western Colorado.

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