Journey of Discovery bicycle tour



June 18: Rationing our water from the day before, we were still critically short. The state park was still 27 miles away, but the cooler morning air wouldn't be as demanding of our energies and water. Reaching Green River, we had a great lunch in the town's park. It was 58 more miles thru the parched desert until Moab, with just one hiway rest area in between that we could use as a water stop. So we pushed on. The afternoon sun again reached broiling temperatures and the blast-furnace wind had now turned into our faces. For awhile we would draft behind one another, attempting to block the wind, and then we were spread out in a line along the road, each of us riding our own pace. Finally, the elements taking their toll on us again, we came upon an RV camping park--the worst possible kind of place to camp. But it had some shade and water, and a vacancy. Our choices seemed very limited, as we were still 12 miles from Arches Nat. Park. That night it was wonderful to take a long hot shower.

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