Journey of Discovery bicycle tour



June 18: We had thought we would take a short day and explore the arches and camp there, but the park campground, too, was full. We spent the morning enjoying the park, and then headed into Moab, purchased some groceries, and headed south out of town in search of a place to camp. It goes without saying that the weather in southern Utah is hot and dry, and unforgiving. But the majestic, nearly 13,000' la Sal mountains just to the east kept our constant watch. In the heat of the day we came to a beautiful hiway rest area with lush manicured lawns and beautiful shade trees and picnic tables. We pulled in for a rest and respite from the sun and had dinner. While there the site host told us of the freelance camp site just across the road on the BLM land. We filled up our water containers and crossed the road where we found a beautiful spot in a wooded area near a small stream. It looked like paradise.

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